Nature is not a place to visit.
It is home

Gary Snyder

© WWF (Morocco)


Through a tree grows so high, the
falling leaves return to the root

Malay proverb

© B. Jørgensen (Morocco)


Look deep into nature, and then you will
understand everything better

Albert Einstein

© Tolga Ok (Turkey)


Every flower is a soul blossoming
in nature

Gérard de Nerval

© Gymnospermium scipetarum
Green Home (Montenegro)


There are thousands of plants in the
Mediterranean waiting for you to discover them

© Iris lortetii - Banan Al Sheikh (Palestine)


Important Plant Areas of the Mediterranean Region (IPAMed) is an ambitious network of plant scientists, site managers, local populations and civil society organizations to develop plant conservation actions across the Mediterranean.

The Mediterranean region is a global diversity hotspot mainly because of its important plant diversity. It contains ten per cent of all known plants on Earth and over half of them are found nowhere else in the world. Plant resources support biodiversity and the livelihoods of many people, by providing them with essential ecosystem services and local population also play a valuable role in maintaining these green treasures. Nevertheless, the Mediterranean region flora is threatened and the region is recognized as one of the four most significantly altered biodiversity hotspots on the planet. Additionally, plant diversity is often overlooked in the conservation agenda.

For these reasons the IPAMed network is promoting wild plants and habitats conservation for people in 23 IPAs of 9 countries in the South and East Mediterranean region. Important Plant Areas (IPAs) are internationally important sites for wild plants and fungi, identified at national level using standard criteria. This designation main objective is to ensure that the sites identified as IPAs are adequately protected and managed to allow the perennity of their plants and habitats.



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