Where are Mediterranean IPA?

According to published reports on Important Plant Areas (Andrew Byfield, Sema Atay, Neriman Ozhatay 2005; Radford et al., 2009; 2011), at least 395 IPA have been identified across the South and East Mediterranean region and it is estimated that the total number of IPA in the Mediterranean will increase until reaching a number of approximately 900 (Radford et al. 2011).

In the following map you will find 394 IPA identified in the south and east Mediterranean region through several projects (Andrew Byfield, Sema Atay, Neriman Ozhatay 2005; Radford et al., 2009; 2011) and 23 pilot IPA where IPAMed project is implementing its activities to improve plant conservation status knowledge, to promote active in situ management and to engage local population and key stakeholders such as scientists, governments, NGOs and civil society in conservation actions.

The IPAMed project is promoting wild plants and habitats conservation for people in 23 IPA located in 9 countries in the south and east Mediterranean region.

In red, pilot IPAs of the IPAMed project : click directly on the red polygons for more information.

Photos :

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